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Managing your employees' hours doesn't have to be complicated! With this Daily Time Sheet log book, you can quickly and easily track your employee's daily work hours. Easily log their start and end time for each task, making sure that you always know how many hours they've worked.


Track Employee Hours with Daily Sheet 


The Daily Time Sheet log book makes it easy to keep track of each employee's daily working hours. Simply enter their start and end times into the book, and you will have an accurate record of their hours worked that can easily be referenced whenever needed. This time sheet log book is an invaluable tool for quickly managing the amount of time your employees spend on different tasks, ensuring that they are always being paid correctly.


Perfect for track workers hours on construction site.

Author's page is available by clicking the link below:

Notebook features:

✔️ Size: 8.5 x 11 in.
✔️ 100 Pages
✔️ Matte finish softcover
✔️ Printed on white paper
✔️ Fine design

Daily Time Sheet log book

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