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Prepare to be swept away by the "Elementary Mysteries" series, an enthralling blend of mystery, adventure, and friendship. Join Ethan, Jackson, Oliver, and Emma as they unravel the secrets beneath the surface of Bend and discover that some mysteries are best solved together.


In the quaint town of Bend, Oregon, teeming with secrets, a remarkable group of friends embark on thrilling adventures that captivate your imagination. Meet the fearless foursome - Ethan, the quick-witted leader with a knack for deduction; Jackson, the tech-savvy genius who can hack her way through any obstacle; Oliver, the adventurous daredevil always seeking the next adrenaline rush; and Emma, the empathetic observer, whose keen intuition uncovers hidden truths.


Together, they form a tight-knit team of intrepid investigators dedicated to solving the unexplained phenomena that plague their town. From eerie disappearances to cryptic codes, mysterious hauntings, and stolen treasures, no puzzle is too perplexing for this spirited quartet.


But as they delve deeper into the secrets of Bend, they soon realize that there's more at stake than just solving mysteries. With each enigma they unravel, they uncover a web of interconnected stories that weave together their town's past, present, and future.


As our four little detectives follow the clues, navigating through hidden passages and overcoming unexpected obstacles, they unravel the truth and strengthen their friendship bonds. Along the way, they encounter eccentric characters, face thrilling challenges, and learn valuable lessons about courage, loyalty, and the power of teamwork.


"Elementary Mysteries - The Time Traveler" is the series' first adventure; it's a perfect gift for every kid who loves to read mystery books and solve puzzles.


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The paperback and hardcover is coming soon!

Elementary Mysteries - The time traveler