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Keeping a mileage log book is essential for any business that requires frequent travel and tracking of expenses related to that travel. With a properly maintained mileage log book, you can keep accurate records of kilometers travelled as well as other associated costs, making it easy to submit data for taxation purposes or reimbursement claims.

Accurate Mileage Tracking – Easily log business mileage for tax deductions or reimbursements. 

A mileage log book makes it easy to ensure accuracy when logging business miles driven. Once you complete an entry in your logbook, you can easily transfer that data over to your tax returns or claims for reimbursement so you never miss out on those valuable deductions. Furthermore, with a mileage log book, the risk of human error is greatly reduced and you can be certain your data is accurate.

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Features included in the log book:

✔️ Year
✔️ Make Vehicle
✔️ Model Vehicle
✔️ Date/Time
✔️ Odometer
✔️ Begin and End value
✔️ Total mileage
✔️ Destination
✔️ 100 Pages
✔️ Matte finish softcover
✔️ Printed on white paper

Mileage Log Book


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