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This Elegant Password book is designed to keep all your valuable websites, usernames, and passwords in one secure and handy logbook. It can be used for your email, gmail account, roblox account, ATM PIN code, router login and many others.


The Pages are well organized to keep not only the name of the website but even the necessary reminder to recall your passwords when they don't come to mind.

This book can be used for any kind of password or PIN code as well as for your debit/credit card. A large space for your notes is useful for writing a secret code to decrypt your password in case you want to write an encrypted password for security reasons, or you can write about the date when the password has been set or changed.


Feature book:

✔️ Size: 6 x 9 in.
✔️ 62 Pages
✔️ Matte finish softcover
✔️ Printed on white paper
✔️ Fine design

My Password Book

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