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This Genkouyoushi practice Notebook is designed for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills in Japanese. It features a traditional grid layout with vertical columns for kanji characters and horizontal rows for kana scripts.


The notebook is perfect for practicing writing Japanese characters, sentences, and paragraphs. It is also great for students who are learning Japanese and need a structured way to practice their writing skills. This Notebook is designed to help students to practice Kanji and Kana Characters Writing and contains 120 pages of kanji paper, also known as Genkouyoushi paper.


The large squares in this notebook, hold one character and each square is divided into four quadrants to guide the writer to properly position the elements of each character. It's perfect even as a gift for those who, adults and children, are learning Japanese and need to practice the written language.

The notebook features:

✔️ 8.5 x 11-inch Paperback Book
✔️ 100+ Pages of Blank Guitar Tablature
✔️ Cover: Premium matte
✔️ Fine lines/interior design
✔️ Roomy quadrants

Genkouyoushi Notebook: Japanese Kanji and Kana Practice Notebook